Rajesh Gupta Contact Details (Address & Phone Number)

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Rajesh Gupta is the Member of Aam Aadmi Party and Member of Legislative Assembly that’s why he has contacts in Delhi Politics. And you should know the Rajesh Gupta Contact Details to get in touch with MLA of Wazirpur, Delhi.

So, remain in this article and I will be going to tell you Rajesh Gupta Contact Details which will help you to contact MLA from AAP in Delhi.

Rajesh Gupta Historical Background

Currently, Rajesh Gupta is serving as the Member of the Legislative Assembly in Delhi. And he is the MLA of Wazirpur, Delhi.

But in the previous Struggling days, he is in the Team Anna for Non-Corruption Movement and when Aam Aadmi Party formed he is with them.

FATHER NAME: Shri Damodar Prasad Gupta

Marriage Status (Wife & Children)

Rajesh Gupta is a Married Person before he comes to Politics and his wife is a Business Consultant and he is a Businessman.

His wife/spouse’s name is Smt. Sheenam Gupta who helps in Politics and keep motivating him to do good work for people of society.

He has been blessed with 1 Daughter who is going to schools nowadays.

Education Qualification of Rajesh Gupta

If we talk about the Education Qualification of Rajesh Gupta then he is only 12th Pass, but Education is not necessary to do and live for People. And he is a good politician in his constituency from Aam Aadmi Party and also doing good in Business.

Position in Politics (Past & Present)

Rajesh Gupta has a non-political background as back years he is the Businessman in Delhi and then he joined Aam Aadmi Party for Contesting in Elections.

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Only in the 2015 Delhi Election, he becomes the Member of Legislative Assembly from the Aam Aadmi Party.

Rajesh Gupta Contact Details

Now, here I will be going to tell you Rajesh Gupta Contact Details which helps you in contacting Rajesh Gupta who is the Member of Legislative Assembly from Wazirpur. And he has Direct contacts with Aam Aadmi Party that’s why you should know all the Contact Details of him.

This the Featured Image of Rajesh Gupta Contact Details
1. Phone Number:9999880022
2. Email ID:[email protected]
3. Permanent Address:B-2/40D, Block B-2, Keshav Puram Delhi
4. Social Profiles:Facebook, Twitter

1. Rajesh Gupta Contact Number

Here you can see the Rajesh Gupta Contact Number which is very much useful for you while contacting the Rajesh Gupta as he is the MLA in Delhi.

And all the Contact Numbers of Mr. Rajesh are 9999880022.

2. Rajesh Gupta Email ID

Here is the Email ID of Rajesh Gupta with which you can mail him and then he will send you the reply to your problem. And Emailing is the best method to contact any Minister because he doesn’t have time to talk with you on calls.

This is the Current Email ID of Rajesh Gupta: [email protected]

3. Rajesh Gupta Address

Currently, Rajesh Gupta is living in the Government Quarters which are been provided by the Delhi Government to all the MLAs of the State. But that is not the permanent Address of him.

PERMANENT ADDRESS OF RAJESH GUPTA is: B-2/40D, Block B-2, Keshav Puram Delhi

4. Rajesh Gupta Social Profiles

Here are the main social profiles of the Rajesh Gupta which help you in contacting him by commenting or direct messaging him on Social Media.

1. Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/MLARAJESHGUPTA/
2. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/rajeshgupta?lang=en

Some Facts about Rajesh Gupta

Here are some amazing and unknown facts about Rajesh Gupta which you should know as he is the Member of Legislative Assembly in Delhi.

All these are the Amazing Facts which will help you to know more about Mr. Rajesh Gupta:

1. Rajesh Gupta has been elected as MLA in the 1st Attempt as Candidate of AAP.
2. Only 12th Pass as the Education Qualification.
3. He is a Businessman in Delhi and also worked as the Farmer in Village.
4. Visited America, Thailand, Oman
5. Assets are of more than 16 Lakhs.

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