Rahul Gandhi Contact Number, Email ID, Office Address

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Rahul Gandhi Contact Number will help you in getting touch with Indian Politics. And as you know that he has the Politics in his Blood because all his GrandFather, Father is in Politics.

With the help of Rahul Gandhi Contact Number, you can easily able to contact Rahul Gandhi for your Problem Solution. And he will help you in solving your problem.

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Rahul Gandhi Contact Number (011) 23795161, 09182762628

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Rahul Gandhi Historical Background

As you know that Rahul Gandhi is the Son of Former Prime Minister, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, and he has got the Political Party from his Great-Grandfather’s Inheritance.

Rahul Gandhi’s FATHERLate Shri Rajiv Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi’s MOTHERSmt. Sonia Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is the Last Son in the Nehru-Gandhi Family, as he not Married till now to anyone.

All the members of the Family of Rahul Gandhi are busy in Politics and in the past, he has also served as the President of Indian National Congress.

Rahul Gandhi Matrimonial Status

Rahul Gandhi is not Married YET to any girl and we think that there is no hope of the Marriage now.

If Rahul Gandhi is not Married, that’s why he doesn’t have any Child.

Rahul Gandhi’s Education Qualification

Rahul Gandhi has taken Admission to St. Columba’s School, Delhi and then he has completed his schooling from The Doon School in Dehradun, Uttarakhand from 1981 to 1983.

For his Bachelor’s Degree, Rahul Gandhi joined St. Stephen’s College, Delhi in 1989 for his undergraduate education but moved to Harvard University after he completed the first year examinations.

Due to some Political Pressure, he shifted to Rollins College in Florida, USA, due to security concerns and obtained his B.A. in 1994.

For Further Studies, he went to obtain an M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995.

Position in Politics (Past & Present)

As you already know that Rahul Gandhi has the Political Background and he has got the Politics in his Blood from his Parents, and Grand-Parents.

In 2004, Rahul has Joined Politics and contested in Election from his Father’s constituency AMETHI, and become the Member of Parliament. Rahul Gandhi won, retaining the family stronghold with a victory margin of over 100,000.

Rahul Gandhi and his sister, Priyanka Gandhi managed their mother’s campaign for re-election to Rae Bareilly in 2006, which was won with a victory margin of over 400,000 votes. He was a prominent figure in the Congress campaign for the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections; Congress, however, won only 22 seats of the 403 seats with 8.53% of votes.

In 2007, he becomes the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, and then in 2008, Veerappa Moily has called his “Rahul as PM”, when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India.

2004Elected in 14th Lok Sabha; Member of Parliament, And Committee on Home Affairs
5 Aug. 2006Member of Parliament, and Committee on Home Affairs
5 Aug. 2007 onwardsMember of Parliament, and Committee on Human Resource Development
2009Re-elected in 15th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
31 Aug. 2009Member of Parliament, and Committee on Human Resource Development
2014Member of Parliament
2019Member of Parliament

Currently, he has been Lost from Amethi but become the Member of Parliament from Wayanad.

Net Worth of Rahul Gandhi

We all think that all the Politicians have a lot of money, but Rahul Gandhi has only the Net Worth of 15+ Crores which are white Money.

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Rahul Gandhi Contact Number

Here is the Main Concentration of the whole Article where you can know the Rahul Gandhi’s Contact Number with the help of which you can easily contact Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi Contact Number (011) 23795161, 09182762628

All the Contact Numbers of Rahul Gandhi are given above are Relevant but as he is the Busy Person that’s why don’t call him Unnecessarily.

All Contact Details of Rahul Gandhi

Now, here I will be going to share all the Contact Details of Rahul Gandhi which you can use to contact him. And all these are the Working Contact Details on which you can call him anytime, but before that please take Permission.

This is the Featured Image of Rahul Gandhi Contact Number

All Contact Details of Rahul Gandhi include Rahul Gandhi’s Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Office Address, and also Social Profiles like Facebook.

Rahul Gandhi Contact Number(011) 23795161, 09182762628
Rahul Gandhi Email IDoffice[at]rahulgandhi[dot]in, [email protected]
Rahul Gandhi Office/Residential Address12, Tughlak Lane, New Delhi – 110 011
Rahul Gandhi Social ProfileFacebook Page, Twitter, Instagram

Rahul Gandhi’s Whatsapp Number

Here, you can see Rahul Gandhi’s Whatsapp Number with which you can do Whatsapp to Rahul Gandhi. And after Contacting on the Whatsapp Number, you don’t even Require Rahul Gandhi Contact Number.

Rahul Gandhi’s Whatsapp Number +91-9927836388, +91-877366666

Rahul Gandhi Email ID

Here, you can know Rahul Gandhi Email ID which is the Best Method to Contact him. And with this method, you can anytime Contact Rahul Gandhi and he will give you a respond.

Rahul Gandhi Email ID office[at]rahulgandhi[dot]in, [email protected]

Rahul Gandhi Office/Residential Address

Rahul Gandhi is always available on his Office or Residential Address, and you can directly meet him on his Door of Office. But to meet Rahul Gandhi you need his Office Address.

Rahul Gandhi Office Address 12, Tughlak Lane,New Delhi – 110011Tel : (011) 23795161 Fax : (011) 23012410
Rahul Gandhi Residential Address 12, Tughlak Lane, New Delhi – 110 011

Rahul Gandhi’s Social Profile

Here, you can know all the Social Profiles of Rahul Gandhi and all these Social Profiles includes Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram.

Rahul Gandhi Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/rahulgandhi/
Rahul Gandhi Twitter Handle:https://twitter.com/RahulGandhi
Rahul Gandhi Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/rahulgandhi

Some Amazing Facts about Rahul Gandhi

Amazing Facts about Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi is the Son of Former Prime Minister and he is the Last son of Nehru-Gandhi Family.
We think that Rahul Gandhi is not good at sports but you should know that Rahul Gandhi is a BLACK BELT in AIKODO ACE.
Rahul Gandhi like to eat a Plate of MOMOS as the Chinese Food.
Total Net Worth of Rahul Gandhi is more than 15 Crore.
Rahul Gandhi has created history by losing Amethi Constituency

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