Nitin Gadkari Contact Details (Whatsapp No., & Email ID)

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Nitin Gadkari Contact Details will help you in contacting to Ministers in Parliament, or Cabinet Minister of Modi Government.

And Nitin Gadkari is the Transport & Road Minister, Cabinet Minister, that’s he can help in all the Types of your Problem, as his Party “BJP” is the Majority Party.

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Nitin Gadkari Historical Background

Basically, Nitin Gadkari comes from a Marathi Family in Nagpur, India and his Family his Core Marathi Family.

Nitin Gadkari FatherJairam Gadkari 
Nitin Gadkari Mother Bhanutai Gadkari

His Father was a Business Man and Mother was a Housewife.

Matrimonial Status of Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari was a Married Politician. And he has been married to Kanchan Gadkari who is the Housewife.

Nitin Gadkari’s SpouseKanchan Gadkari
Nitin Gadkari’s Children Sarang Gadkari, Ketki Gadkari, Nikhil Gadkari

Education Qualification of Nitin Gadkari

Mr. Gadkari has Completed his Class 12 Basic Education from small School in Nagpur. And after that, he has completed M.Com. and L.L.B. from Nagpur University.

Position in Politics (Past & Present)

Currently, Nitin Gadkari is serving as the Minister of Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India and Shipping Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Government of India.

In Past, he has served on many Position in Politics which are:

As he is the Union Minister in Government of India, and that’s why he has to obey the President of BJP, as well as the Home Minister of India.

1995 to 1999 Minister of Public Works Department
President, Bharatiya Janata Party, Maharashtra State
Leader of Opposition
Former Minister for Public Works Department
Member of Legislative Council, Maharastra
Elected to the Maharashtra Govt. Legislative Council in 1989 from graduates constituency
Re-Elected in 1990
National President of BJP, India

Nitin Gadkari Contact Details

Now, here I will be going to tell you Nitin Gadkari Contact Details with the help of which, you can easily contact Nitin Gadkari (Road & Transport Minister).

This is the Featured Image of Nitin Gadkari Contact Details

All the Contact Details of Nitin Gadkari includes the Contact Number, Email ID, Office/Residential Address, as well as the Social Profiles of him.

Nitin Gadkari Contact Number 07122727127
Nitin Gadkari Email ID [email protected]
Office/Residential Address of Nitin Gadkari2, Motilal Nehru Place, In front of Lal Bahadur Shastri Smarak, Akbar Road, New Delhi – 110001
Social Profiles of Nitin GadkariFacebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram

Nitin Gadkari Contact Number

Here, I will be going to show you Nitin Gadkari Contact Number which is the Best Way to contact him instantly. And all the Contact Number of Mr. Gadkari includes the Mobile Number, Telephone Number.

Nitin Gadkari Mobile Number 07122727127
Nitin Gadkari Telephone Number 011-23063867, 23062019

Nitin Gadkari Whatsapp Number

No, Whatsapp Number of Nitin Gadkari is available in the Public Domain, as Whatsapp Number is the Private Number which can’t be shared with anyone.

If you find the Whatsapp Number of Nitin Gadkari anywhere then you should tell us.

Nitin Gadkari Email ID

Here, I will be going to tell you the Nitin Gadkari Email ID with the help of which you can contact Mr. Gadkari, and with Email, you can tell your Problem in Brief.

Nitin Gadkari Email ID [email protected]

Nitin Gadkari Office /Residential Address

If your Problem is Big then you should go to the Office of Nitin Gadkari where you can meet him personally, and tell your Problem to him.

Nitin Gadkari Office Address 2, Motilal Nehru Place, In front of Lal Bahadur Shastri Smarak, Akbar Road, New Delhi – 110001
Nitin Gadkari Residential Address Gadkari Wada, Upadhye Road, Mahal, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nitin Gadkari Social Profile

These are Some of the Main Social Profiles of the Nitin Gadkari on which you can easily contact him.

Nitin Gadkari Facebook
Nitin Gadkari Twitter
Nitin Gadkari Instagram

Some Amazing Facts about Nitin Gadkari

Some Amazing Facts about Nitin Gadkari
Nitin Gadkari is serving as the Member of Parliament, as well as the Union Minister.
In Past, he has served as the National President of BJP.
Total Net Worth of Nitin Gadkari is 18+ Crore.
Nitin Gadkari likes to drive Scooter and on Road he Drives Scooter many times.

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