Bhagwant Mann Contact Details (Contact Number & Office Addr.)

Bhagwant Mann Contact Number Featured Image

As you know that Bhagwant Mann is a Popular Comedian who joined the Politics with Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab. And he is the MP that you should know Bhagwant Mann Contact Number with the help of which you can easily contact Bhagwant Mann after taking Permission.

Are you ready to get Bhagwant Mann Contact Number!!!

If yes, then Keep Reading this Article and I will be going to share the Contact Number as well as other Contact Info of Bhagwant Mann.

Contact Number:08054194241, 07976306060 

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Bhagwant Mann Historical Background

Basically, Bhagwant Mann is a Professional Comedian who performs skits in Punjab as the Comedian and Regional Actor. And in 2014, he has joined Politics with Aam Aadmi Party.

In 2014, Bhagwant Mann becomes the Member of Parliament from Sangrur, Constituency Punjab. And In 2019, he won again Lok Sabha seat from Sangrur in General elections of India by 111,111 votes. He is only a member of parliament from the Aam Aadmi Party in the lower house (Lok Sabha) of the parliament.

FATHER NAME:Shri Mohinder Singh
MOTHER NAME:Smt. Harpal Kaur

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Matrimonial Status (Wife & Children)

Bhagwant Mann is a Married Person, he has been Married in the Year 2000 with Smt. Inderpreet Kaur. And now he has 1 Son and 1 Daughter.

Education Qualification

If we talk about the Education Qualification of Bhagwant Mann then he has Completed his 12th Class Study from School in his Village only. And then he has taken admission in B.Com (1st year ) From Shaheed Udam Singh Government College Sunam in 1992.

After completing his College Degree he has been started with the Filmography as well as Comedy as the Professional.

Past & Present Positions in Politics

In 2014, only Bhagwant Mann has joined the Politics and then from Sangrur Constituency he becomes the Member of Parliament by defeating the Indian National Congress.

And now in 2019, he won the seat of Member of Parliament from Sangrur, Constituency in Punjab. And now, he sits in the Lok Sabha with other MPs.

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Bhagwant Mann Contact Number

Now, here I will be going to share the Contact Number of Bhagwant Mann which will be going to help you in contacting Bhagwant Mann. And with his Contact Information, you can also contact for an Interview or solve any of your problems.

Contact Number:08054194241, 07976306060 

Other Contact Details of Bhagwant Mann

Now, here I will be going to share more contact information about the Bhagwant Mann which helps you in contact with the MP Sangrur, Punjab.

All these are other Contact Information of Bhagwant Mann is important for everyone to know because these are important.

1. Whatsapp Number of Bhagwant Mann8054884241,7976306087
2. Email ID of Bhagwant Mannbhagwa[email protected]
3. Residential Address & Office AddressPERMANENT ADDRESS: 34, Dream Land Colony, Patiala RoadSangrur-148001, Punjab
GOVERNMENT QUARTERS ADDRESS: 33, Duplex MPs Flats, North Avenue, New Delhi-110001
4. Social Profiles of Bhagwant MannFacebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram Page
Bhagwant Mann Contact Number Featured Image

1. Bhagwant Mann Whatsapp Number

Bhagwant Mann Whatsapp Number is very useful because before calling and contacting him, you can drop a Whatsapp Message to him. And when he will be free he will revert you.

  • WHATSAPP NUMBER OF BHAGWANT MANN: 8054884241,7976306087

2. Bhagwant Mann Email ID

This is the main Email ID of Bhagwant Mann with which you can mail Bhagwant directly and he will answer you on the mail only.

3. Residential Address of Bhagwant Mann

Here is the Residential Address of Bhagwant Mann as where he stayed in Punjab. And there are two addresses of Mr. Bhagwant as 1 is the Personal Home and another is the Government Quarters.

  • PERMANENT ADDRESS: 34, Dream Land Colony, Patiala RoadSangrur-148001, Punjab
  • GOVERNMENT QUARTERS ADDRESS: 33, Duplex MPs Flats, North Avenue, New Delhi-110001

4. Social Profiles of Bhagwant Mann

Here are some of the main Social Profiles of Bhagwant Mann on which he is active. And you can directly message him on his Social Profiles like Facebook.

1. Facebook Page
2. Instagram Page
3. Twitter Handle

Some Amazing & Interesting Facts about Bhagwant Mann

Amazing and Interesting Facts about Bhagwant Mann
Basically, Bhagwant likes to play Sports and watch or read News in the Spare Time of the Day.
Countries Visited by Bhagwant Mann are Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong (S.A.R. of China), Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, U.A.E. (Dubai), U.K. and U.S.A.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) Who is Bhagwant Mann?

Bhagwant Mann is a Punjabi Singer who has Composed many Songs, and he is serving as the Member of Parliament from Sangrur Constituency of Punjab.

Q.2) How to Contact Bhagwant Mann (MP)?

All the Ways of contact Bhagwant Mann, and it’s important for you to have the Contact details of MP of Sangrur for help.

  1. Bhagwant Mann Email ID: [email protected]
  2. Bhagwant Mann Contact Number: 8054884241,7976306087
  3. Office Address of Bhagwant Mann:  34, Dream Land Colony, Patiala RoadSangrur-148001, Punjab

Q.3) Some Instant Way to Contact Bhagwant Mann?

If you want to contact Bhagwant Mann Instantly, then you should contact him on Social Profiles. And his these are main Social Profiles:

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Twitter Handle 
  3. Instagram Page

Latest News about Bhagwant Mann

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