Ajit Pawar Contact Details (DCM of Maharastra)

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As you know Ajit Pawar serves as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and with the help of Ajit Pawar Contact Details you can easily contact to Deputy CM of Maharashtra.

After Contacting to Ajit Pawar (DCM), any of your Problem can be solved as he is the Powerful Politician and DCM in Maharashtra.

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Ajit Pawar – Basic Details

FULL NAMEAjit Anantrao Pawar
BORN DATE22 July 1959
FATHER NAMEAnantrao Govind Rao Pawar
SPOUSEMrs. Sunetra Pawar
CHILDREN2 Son, i.e. Parth and Jay Pawar
OCCUPATIONFarming & Business
EDUCATION10th Pass i.e. Secondary School Certificate(SSC) from Maharashtra Education Society High School Baramati Year 1973-74
POLITICAL PARTYNationalist Congress Party
NET WORTHMore than 38+ Crore
CONSTITUENCYBaramati Assembly Constituency
MP CONSTITUENCYBaramati Constituency
RUNNER UP MLA CANDIDATE from KUNDABalasaheb Alias Prabhakar Dadaram Gawade

Position in Politics

Currently, AJIT ANANTRAO PAWAR is serving as the 8th Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and there are other Ministries on which he has served as the Minister.

Ajit Pawar is serving as the Member of Legislative Assembly in Maharashtra since from 1991, and he is winning in all the Assembly Elections.

Criminal Cases

There are 3 Criminal Cases Registered against Ajit Pawar, as he has done many Dishonesty Property Charges.

Ajit Pawar Contact Details

Now, here I will be going to tell you Ajit Pawar Contact Details with the help of which you can easily and instantly contact the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharastra.

Ajit Pawar Mobile Number02112-234444
Ajit Pawar Email ID[email protected]
Office Address of Ajit Pawar Katewadi, Tq. Baramati, Dist. Pune -413102
Social Profiles of Ajit Pawar Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter

Ajit Pawar Contact Number

Ajit Pawar Mobile Number9818277222
Ajit Pawar Telephone Number02112-234444

Whatsapp Number of Ajit Pawar

There is no Whatsapp Number of Ajit Pawar, as he is the Deputy Chief Minister that’s why to Protect his Privacy no one can Provide you the Whatsapp Number of any Politician in Maharashtra.

Ajit Pawar Email ID

Ajit Pawar Email ID[email protected]

Office Address of Ajit Pawar

Office Address of Ajit PawarKatewadi, Tq. Baramati, Dist. Pune -413102

Social Profiles of Ajit Pawar

Ajit Pawar Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/AjitPawarSpeaks
Ajit Pawar Twitterhttps://twitter.com/AjitPawarSpeaks
Ajit Pawar Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/ajitpawarspeaks/

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  1. सोनाली व्यंकट काळे | at 2:29 pm | Reply

    नमस्कार आदीत्य दादा
    मी सोनाली व्यंकट काळे मी पारधी समाजाची आहे माझी डिसेंबर 2019 अनुसूचित जमाती सोलापूर जिल्हापरिषद भरती मध्ये परिचर या पदी निवड झाली मी उत्तीर्ण झाली आहे. .आपल्या आदीवासी विभागाच्या प्रधान सचिव मार्फत मुख्य सचिव महाराष्ट्र राज्य याच्यासोबत चर्चा करून महाराष्ट्रातील 34 जिल्हापरिदमध्ये ज्या उमेदवारांची निवड झाली आहे त्यांना लगेचच कामावर रुजू करावे त्यांना नियुक्ती पत्र द्यावे अशी आपणास नम्र विनंती.
    आदित्य दादा आपल्या मार्फत हा विषय मुख्य सचिव cs यांच्या पर्यंत पोहचेल अशी आशा करते

  2. Nilesh Prakash Pawar | at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Dear Sir,
    we have booked 1 flat in Talegaon Dabhade at Anuwadd Arcade Society on December 2016.
    last 3 years I have resident In this Flat. we have 3-4 times visit to builder house for Society Registration & all 16 flats payment has been done. but builder is not agree for society registration.
    Also in this communication we have talk with MLA Sunil Anna Shekale.

    Builder Name: Ashwin Lala & Partner Name: Prabhakar Nikam.
    Building Name : Anuwaad Arcade

    Please look into this matter, please.

    My Name: Nilesh Pawar
    MOB NO: 9588630911

  3. Nilesh Prakash Pawar | at 2:59 pm | Reply

    प्रिय महोदय
    आम्ही डिसेंबर २०१ on रोजी अनुवाड आर्केड सोसायटी येथे तळेगाव दाभाडे येथे एक फ्लॅट बुक केला आहे.
    मागील years वर्षे मी या फ्लॅटमध्ये रहात आहे. आम्ही सोसायटी नोंदणीसाठी बिल्डर हाऊसवर 3-4 ते times वेळा भेट दिली आहे आणि सर्व १ fla सदनिकांचे देयक दिले गेले आहे. परंतु सोसायटी नोंदणीसाठी बिल्डर सहमत नाही.
    तसेच या संवादात आमचे आमदार सुनील अण्णा शेकाळे यांच्याशी चर्चा आहे.

    बिल्डरचे नाव: अश्विन लाला आणि पार्टनरचे नाव: प्रभाकर निकम.
    इमारतीचे नाव: अनुवाद आर्केड

    कृपया या प्रकरणात लक्ष द्या.

    माझे नाव: निलेश पवार
    एमओबी नंबर: 9588630911

  4. Dear respected sir or ma’am
    I wanted to bring to your attention and also inform you about my situation, my husband being a NRI (United States of America ) and in India presently his condition is very bad at this moment. there is a case filed in the court against Mr. Pramod Bhimrao patil and Mrs. Meghna Pramod patil and Mr. Ganesh vahadane of criminal order CR202 as also this is a 420 case of cheating against Mr. Pramod Bhimrao patil and Mrs. Meghna Pramod patil. your sanpada Navi Mumbai police station is not doing anything. From day one the order was given to sanpada police station PSI Mr Rahul Koli. it was his responsibility from day one to look into this case and investigate it. as I have said nothing has been done as my husband is in the hospital getting his treatment done. till today 29th December 2020 no action has been taken. My husband has been going for his chemo and the police station called him and told him that they needed him to come in and give a statement. He went in early at 9:00 am and gave his statement. as per my knowledge he has been called in to the station more than the accused . Why is it that the people who the case has been filed against are roaming freely with no care in the world and my husband is running after people to do their jobs and get him some justice and his money back. Mr. Pramod Bhimrao patil and Mrs. Meghna Pramod patil and Mr. Ganesh vahadane are criminals and have cheated my husband out of a big amount and that amount is needed for his treatment but as i have said nothing is being done to help him. Something very unjust is happening in the police station between Mr Pramod Bhimrao patil and Mrs. Meghna Pramod patil and Mr ganesh vahadane and your pi and psi something very fishy is happening. otherwise why would they be freely out with no care about anything. no arrests have been made, information is being leaked that should be confidential. I don’t understand what is going on but if something happens to my husband there is going to be a big problem at hand more than this 420 and 202 case for the accused I will sue big time. as of right now his situation is getting worse day by day because of the stress from Mr. Pramod Bhimrao patil and Mrs. Meghna Pramod patil and Mr. Ganesh vahadane. My husband has cancer stage 3 and no one is willing to help. I feel everyone is about their pockets more than helping someone who has been cheated. These people have showed no remorse as to this situation and the pi and psi are not willing to do anything when its their job. why are they getting a salary if They are not doing what they were hired to do. they took a oath to serve and protect and they are not even doing that.The judge had issued a order of CR 202 TO SANPADA police station to psi koli on october 28th 2020 psi rahul koli was in charge to investigate this matter till today 29 december 2020 no action again has been taken so i really feel something fishy and again really unjust is going on. i hope to get a answer back as to what will happen in this matter. in conclution i would like to state that if anything happens to my husband from finacial stress and if death is caused then i will surely go to the highest athuorities in india and also make sure that all the world media as well as the media in india knows about this situation. again please do not take this situation lightly as this is a very urgent and sensitive matter as well as time sensitive. my husbands and my contact information is as follows.
    EMAIL ID [email protected]
    Mrs Sonia K Bhatia
    Email id [email protected]

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